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Server Transfers/merger
It looks like both The Ebon Hawk and Jung Ma are goto servers.  I know The Ebon Hawk was full with queues for most of the evening.  Nothing too bad, and a full server is certainly better than an empty one.  If anyone left for lack of people, now is the time to try again. Smiley
by Jerry Pate
1.1.5 Patch Notes - 3/6/2012


  • Players can now use the command /roll or /random to generate a random number between 1 and 100. This command will also accept a range (example: /roll 20-40) or a die value (example: 2d6).

Classes and Combat



    • Moving while channeling an ability (such as Telekinetic Throw and Force Lightning) will no longer cancel the Global Cooldown, which would allow those abilities to deal more damage than intended.

    Sith Warrior

    • The French version of the "Darth" title is now correct.

Flashpoints and Operations



      • Bosses in Operations now drop the correct amount of loot when the group is using the Master Looter loot distribution setting.
      Eternity Vault
      • The "Duel of the Fates" and "Penalty of Destiny" effects are now …
by Sandriell
Early Look At SWTOR 1.2 Patch trailer!
Here is a capture of the livestream during the presentation of the 1.2 patch trailer!

<a href="http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/jtnLMcWdARY&hl=en_US&fs=1&hd=1" target="_blank">http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/jtnLMcWdARY&hl=en_US&fs=1&hd=1</a>
by Sandriell
Guild Summit Begins Monday
Next week, representatives of over 150 guilds from around the world will be coming to Austin, Texas to take part in BioWare’s inaugural Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild Summit. During the summit, guild members will have the opportunity to speak with the development team, and see a preview of what the future holds for the game.

When the Guild Summit was announced, we received thousands of applications from passionate fans who were willing to travel from all parts of the globe to take part. While we were humbled by the overwhelming response, we couldn’t accept every application for space reasons. However, we don’t want any of you to miss out on the details either. That’s why we are excited to announce that portions of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild Summit will be streamed live!

On Monday, March 5th, we will be hosting a livestream of the Guild Summit, which you’ll be able to …
by Sandriell
Community Q and A: March 2nd 2012
Hello and welcome to this week’s Community Q&A blog! This past week we asked for your questions and today, our developers have answers for you. Please note in some cases we’ve combined multiple questions into one, and we have edited some questions for clarity.

This week is a bit short on answers, but we’ll definitely make up for it with the upcoming Guild Summit, which is going to be packed full of information! So much, in fact, that we’re going to postpone our next Community Q&A blog until March 16th in order to allow for all of the new information to sink in. We’ll open up the official forum thread for the March 16th Q&A on Tuesday afternoon (CST).

So, don’t forget to check out the Livestream for the Guild Summit on Monday (more information will be coming very soon) and …
by Sandriell
Economic Changes in Patch 1.1.5
Hi everyone,

Massively Multiplayer Online games are built around living, breathing worlds that are always evolving, and Star Wars: The Old Republic is no different. In our upcoming Game Update 1.2, we’ll be introducing a wide assortment of new features and content, while also introducing a number of improvements and changes to the in-game economy.

As we work to create a more player-driven economy, you can expect significant improvements to Crew skills, and an extension of Crew skill gameplay, such as item creation and research, into the Elder-Game content. You’ll also see new items brought into the game, including new schematics, Legacy items, a new tier of Player vs Player and Player vs Environment weapons and armor, Legacy items, new schematics, and the ability to extract base-mods from purple items, as well as many other changes and improvements.

Weekly patch 1.1.5 (which is now on the …
by Sandriell
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Bioware Hiring Local (Austin-based) SWTOR Players
The Star Wars: The Old Republic team is looking for skilled SWTOR players in the Austin area to test out brand new content in the BioWare Austin office. We are looking for players that are experienced with endgame Operations, Warzones, and Flashpoints.

Players that meet this criteria may fill out this survey and qualifying candidates will be contacted for more information.

This is a temporary paid position and will require at least a weekend a month of your time.

Thank you!
by Sandriell
Bioware Looking for High Level Guilds for Game Update 1.2 Testing
Hello everyone! We are very excited to announce that Game Update 1.2 will be hitting our Public Test Server soon.

As you know, Game Update 1.2 is packed with new content, including a new Flashpoint, Operation, and Warzone. To that end, we’re looking for some end-game guilds to test this new content and to provide feedback before the update goes out to our live servers.

While we don’t have the technology for mass character transfers yet, we do have a manual process to copy characters from our Live servers to our Public Test Server that we will be offering for Guilds that are accepted for testing.

If you and your Guild would like to help us out in testing Game Update 1.2 content, please do the following:

  • Gather a strike team from your Guild of no more than 16-20 players (8 works too, of course) who have ready-to-raid (or PVP) level 50 characters in the game. These …
by Sandriell
Dev Tracker Summary: February 20th, 2012 – February 27th, 2012

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Dev Tracker blog. Each week, we’re going to be collecting the most important developer responses that show up in our Dev Tracker and collating them into this digest.

Be sure to also check out the News and Community Blog sections of our website for all of the latest updates!

Principal Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller was busy on our forums, as usual. He answered several questions and clarified a few things. Among them:

He confirmed seeing an increase in Open World PvP on many servers, teased that there will be an update to Synthweaving in Game Update 1.2, and mentioned that we will have an update in regards to combat logs at the Guild Summit.

He let people know that the dev team is working on options for changing their Legacy names, but that nothing has been finalized yet.

He took some …

by Sandriell
Community Q and A: Feb 24th 2012
It’s that time again! Last week we asked for your questions and this week we have some answers. Please note in some cases we’ve combined multiple questions into one, and we have edited some questions for clarity.

We have now opened an official thread for next week’s Q&amp;A, which will stay open until 2pm CST on February 28th (8pm GMT/9pm CET). We welcome your questions in that thread and hope you enjoy the answers below. If you want to discuss any of the answers given, please use this Forum thread!

Chyp: Can we expect to see any animation/damage timing consistency changes between factions?

Georg Zoeller (Principal Lead Combat Designer): Yes. The animation team has been working on a new set of animations for …
by Sandriell
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