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Title: Juggernaut Guide to PvP, PvE and Leveling.
Post by: Nick on Mar 03, 2012, 01:38 PM
Found this great guide on the forums and it has proved to very helpfull.


Title: Re: Juggernaut Guide to PvP, PvE and Leveling.
Post by: Candrandir on Mar 07, 2012, 03:25 AM
I've read that and overall it's a decent guide, speaking as a Marauder who uses rage in PvP a lot these days.

His view on power is a bit off. Specifically how power relates to strength, and how it fits in with overall damage. Power and strength both contribute to bonus damage with power giving a small amount more than strength. In terms of math, 20% of strength is added to bonus damage (strength x .2) and 23% of power is added (power x .23). So in his Deft Mod example the difference in effective power is much less drastic than he states -- 64 & 79 instead of 23 & 47.

On top of that you get strength simply by wearing gear for your class. The only choice is how much strength vs. endurance. Power on the other hand is, for the most part, a choice between power, crit, and defense. If you choose power you will not get the other stats. If you only care about how big the numbers are floating over your target's head then power is the only choice for Rage.

My point? You can roll Rage spec in tank gear and still do a lot of damage. All current tiers of tank PvP gear (War Leader) has surge which will boost your critical damage.