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Bioware Announces The Old Republic Guild Summit
Today, we are pleased to announce the first ever Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Guild Summit, being hosted in Austin, TX in March. Over the course of a few days, guild leaders from around the world will gather together to discuss the state of the game with the developers from BioWare Austin. Guild leaders (or a designated officer in the event of a guild leader being unable to attend) will participate in Q&A sessions with developers, roundtable feedback discussions, and will get a preview of some upcoming game features.

The goal of the summit is to facilitate an open discussion between guild leaders and the game design team. This event will provide an opportunity for attendees to voice their feedback directly to the teams responsible for the design of Star Wars: The Old Republic, hear the team’s thoughts and reasons behind design decisions, and discuss the current direction of the …
by Sandriell
Developer Blog: Busting Bugs and Fixing Exploits
As one of the original members of the development team and having helped create the studio that brought you Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, I’m privileged to have been on this incredible journey that culminated in launching the game. Now that we are through launch I felt this was a great opportunity to talk about how we balance our efforts when it comes to fixing bugs and developing new content.

The good news is that we have a large team dedicated to the game, which gives us the flexibility to both fix bugs and develop new content. I want to make it very clear here that the live game service comes first though, and fixing bugs is our team’s first priority. Everything else is secondary.

Let me start by explaining how we go about determining when to fix an issue in the live game, whether it is a bug or an exploit. Let’s begin with exploits – those cases when we …
by Sandriell
Welcome to the Hope Reforged and Shattered Chains guild site!
Come in and make yourself at home!

A few things to note:

  • This site is still in beta. Not all features are turned on and not all pages have yet to be converted over to the new theme. This will be done over time in the coming weeks.
  • Just the same though, if you notice any issues or have any suggestions, please let me know. It may be something I am not aware of.
  • All member accounts, that have been logged-in in the last year, have been migrated from the Palantiri site. They exist separately though from this point forward, and any changes made here to your account will not reflect on the Palantiri site. Any custom settings you had will need to be re-setup.
  • During the process of converting the site to the new theme, the site has been converted to using the latest standards in web design. This means that really old browsers will show issues and not look the same as on the latest …
by Sandriell
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Understanding Diminising Returns
Understanding Diminising Returns
Posted by MartinLamontagne
on 02 Feb 2012
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